Welcome to Gypsy Jazz Violin Lessons! Here are all Stéphane Grappelli tuition products by gypsy jazz legend Tim Kliphuis, teaching you everything you need to know.

ORDER NOW Tim Kliphuis Trio Live CD The Grappelli Album, release 1 December 2013.
The best repertoire from the Django years AND 5 Grappelli originals!

The Vocabulary of Gypsy Jazz ViolinBUY NOW: The NEW Grappelli Licks book. With over 250 classic gypsy jazz licks, sample solos and backing tracks in the popular keys, this is THE most direct way to sound like Grappelli. Add the best-seller Gypsy Jazz Violin for a full introduction into the style.

HotJazzViolin-Vol1&2BUY the Hot Jazz Violin DVD series for 6 hours of video lessons covering all practical aspects of gypsy jazz violin. This series comes highly recommended by many students across the globe.

Gypsy Jazz Violin EtudesDOWNLOAD the Gypsy Jazz etudes on standard songs for practising your gypsy jazz chops.
Or check out the Harmony & Accompaniment videos which teach you how to use the violin in a band setting.

Sign up for the popular Grappelli Camp in Holland for a full immersion in the style, invite Tim for a workshop in your country or discuss private lessons in Holland or via Skype.

Want to hear this music played? Find out more about the Tim Kliphuis / Paulus Schäfer gypsy jazz CD  Rock Django.

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